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Firstly let us introduce ourselves!

Mr Introversial is a (self confessed) grumpy, tech, gadget obsessed, Orlando loving dad of two who turns into a huge kid when he enters a theme park! He’s the one who would buy the kids a cuddly toy and ice cream every time they ask if Mrs Introversial would let him. He is the creator and IT “department” of this site and likes nothing more than closely editing Mrs Introversial’s articles and providing “helpful” feedback on them.

Mrs Introversial is a highly organised (some would say overly) mum of two who likes nothing better than making lists and using spreadsheets. She has been known to go to Walmart to get 1 thing and end up spending over 5 hours there and especially loves looking for bargains in outlets whenever she can. She writes most of the articles on here and leaves all the techy stuff to Mr Introversial.

Little Mr Introversial is a 9 year old boy who is superhero and Star Wars obsessed and would happily spend his whole life in a theme park if he could. He talks (ALOT) and pretends he doesn’t like his little sister but really he does. His favourite things about Orlando are “the roller coasters, the food, the ice cream and the pool”.

Little Miss Introversial is a 4 year old drama queen who loves Princesses and Superheroes and wants to be Batgirl when she grows up. She would happily spend all day sitting in her buggy if she could with a big ice cream sucking her thumb but we do make her get out (sometimes). She is an expert in throwing tantrums and stamping her feet and her favourite things about Orlando are “Minnie Mouse, the Dumbo Ride and Cat in the Hat Land”.

The birth of Introversial

Mr & Mrs Introversial have been to Orlando countless times and when we took Little Mr Introversial there when he was 4, pre bookable Disney Fast Passes hadn’t been introduced. We then went back a few years later as a family of 4 and were totally confused by all the changes and had to visit numerous websites to get a clear idea of all the things we needed to do. Through this research we realised we weren’t the only people totally confused and overwhelmed by all this varying information. We chatted to friends and the common theme was that planning a trip to Orlando seems really stressful so we decided to do something about it and Introversial was born!



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