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Save money by losing the sides!  

We all want to save money when we are in Orlando don’t we?

Here is a great little tip to help you save money (and calories if you are watching your waistline along with your wallet!)

Don’t pay for sides you don’t want!

Most of the meals you get in the parks include a side like french fries, salad etc. You can actually ask not to have the side and the server should take this off the price. This even works for items from snack carts. We got our daughter a Mickey Pretzel but as she is dairy free she couldn’t have the accompanying cheese sauce.  The server actually took money off the total for me. This was astonishing to me as that never happens at home in the UK!

So remember if you want a hot dog but don’t want the fries that come with it just ask and the price will likely be lower. We did this a lot as we realised the sides are pretty big. Therefore by only ordering them with one or two meals instead of for all 4 of us we saved money and just shared 2 sides between us.

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