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Clever Packing for the parks with kids  

Our children are 4 years apart in age so when we go to Disneyworld or Universal Orlando we are faced with a problem. They want to go on different rides and their height difference means the little one can’t go on things the big one can and the big one doesn’t want to go on the small, tame rides. 

To make both kids happy we made sure they got the chance to ride on everything they wanted to by booking our Fast Passes carefully.  This meant frequently splitting us up into pairs (one parent with one child) but we did try each day to do at least one ride as a family.

This obviously could have been a huge headache for us with one parent and one kid at one end of the park while the other two were the totally opposite direction. However we came up with a helpful way to make our lives a bit simpler and it meant less rushing round parks like crazy and ensured that tantrums (from all of us) were less likely.

It’s all about the bags.

We bought two backpacks – one for each child. Each bag had stuff in it for that child only so that when we split up to take them on separate rides the accompanying parent just needed to grab the appropriate bag for that child and they had everything they needed.

Every morning we packed (many, many, many) snacks for each child into their bags along with a suncream, spare change of clothes (for water rides and possible accidents with our little one!), a hat, some kind of entertainment for queues (reading book for big one and sticker book for little one) and their water bottle . The bags we got had mesh pockets on the outside for water bottles which we found really helpful as it meant you could just grab the bottle to drink then put it quickly back in the pocket without having to open up the whole bag. Also the accompanying parent put their water bottle in the other mesh pocket and their own stuff (phone, wallet etc) into the bag.

Yes we know this sounds such a simple and possibly overly organised thing to do but we have suggested it to many of our friends with more than one child and they all found it really helpful. It just means when you are taking kids to different places you don’t need to waste valuable time working out what to take with. It also ensures that nothing is left out and your child doesn’t invariably have a tantrum that their pack of cookies is with Mummy while they are with Daddy. 

These are the bags we bought (they used them for their hand baggage for the flights too) and loved them as they are just the right size to carry enough but not too huge that they became cumbersome: 


But there are lots of other similar ones out there that also do the job.

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