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Saving with online shopping on Amazon Prime  

One way to use your free time on a holiday to Orlando is to get some shopping done. For most people this means a trip to the Outlets or a local mall. There’s an option many don’t consider though – online shopping on Amazon Prime. 

Amazon offers a service called Prime which amongst other things offers zero cost express delivery (shipping). Delivery options are really flexible allowing you to send something to postal addresses or a local pickup point called an Amazon Locker. With Prime some products even have same day delivery options.

Whether you’re in the U.K. or the US, Amazon Prime is a subscription service with a monthly or annual charge. As an incentive though to new subscribers, Amazon likes to offer a 30-day Prime free trial.

If your heading to Orlando on holiday this means that you can sign up to Amazon Prime on their US site and start a free trial. During the initial free 30 days you will have access to the Prime benefits, including most importantly free same day and free two day delivery.

Even if you have a U.K. Prime subscription you can still sign up as a new member in the US on Amazon.com. You can also usually sign up for a free trial as long as you haven’t been an Amazon US subscriber in the previous 12 months.

We signed up on our recent holiday and we used Prime to order things to our Villa and also to collect items at Amazon lockers. Lockers were especially convenient as we didn’t need to worry about being home when the delivery was made.

One really important thing to remember – you need to cancel your subscription before the 30 days is up otherwise you will get charged the monthly fee.

Signing up to Prime can be done on the Amazon website at https://www.amazon.com/gp/prime/. You can also use the iOS or Android Amazon app (if you’re an existing U.K. user you will need to switch to the US store in “Settings” -> “Country & Language”).

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