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Skip the Queues at T-Rex Disney Springs  

One of the most popular dining experiences for families visiting Orlando is the T-Rex restaurant in Disney Springs. Unfortunately as it’s so popular it’s also very hard to get a reservation. There is a way though to skip the queues at T-Rex and get a table without an advanced booking.

The T-Rex restaurant is actually owned by a company called Landry Inc. Landry own quite a large number of restaurants and hospitality brands (over 600!) and they have their own loyalty scheme called the Landry Select Club.

The club has a few really useful benefits that most people won’t be familiar with:

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent delivering a $25 reward when you reach 250 points
  • Get priority seating at Landry restaurants for tables of up to six people
  • Get a $25 reward voucher each year during your birthday month
Skip the Queues at T-Rex (and others)

Whilst all the benefits have value, for most families getting priority seating at T-Rex is by far the most valuable.

The actual benefit is even more useful – you can walk up, show your Landry card and request a table. In most cases you will get seated within 5-10 minutes of arriving. The only limitation is if the restaurant is completely full or you need a table for more than six people.

We’ve used the Landry Select Card twice at T-Rex and on both occasions we got a table really quickly. The same was true on my sister’s recent trip as she had signed up for membership.

It’s a great feeling to walk up to a hard to reserve restaurant and get a table without even queuing!

Joining the Landry Select Club

Joining the club is really easy, you can do it online on their website at https://www.landrysselect.com.

Although Landry’s charge a $25 fee to join the club you get a $25 welcome reward that can be deducted from your bill on your first visit to a restaurant.

The $25 welcome reward is added to your account when you register your account online (easily done when you purchase online).

$25 Reward Voucher during your birthday month

As we mentioned above there are also a couple of benefits which get you $25 reward vouchers to spend on dining.

Most of us won’t get to 250 points on a holiday to earn a $25 reward but it’s quite possible you’ll be visiting Orlando when one of the adults in your group is celebrating a birthday.

If this is the case then you can also take advantage of the birthday reward as long as the (adult) birthday boy or girl is the Landry Select Club member. Members automatically get the $25 credit added to their account and it can be used during the birthday month or by the 15th of the next month.

The $25 birthday reward can’t be used at the same time as the $25 welcome reward though, so you will need a second visit to a Landry’s restaurant to take full advantage (either T-Rex again or another restaurant).

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